Monday, July 28, 2014

Central Park, New York City

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When Ariel Goes Steampunk [Cosplay Pics]

Here are two amazing photos of Australian costumer and pop culture lover The Artful Dodger (Be sure to like her on Facebook!), one of the most fun and kind cosplayers I’ve had the chance to exchange with! She even offered to bake and send me cookies all the way over from Australia when I asked her the permission to feature her Steampunk Ariel costume on the site! Photo credit goes to Lorenzo So Photography for the top picture and Steven Yee of Supanova Expo for the bottom one. The inspiration behind the costume? This artwork by Etsy seller HungryDesigns

Coooooool: Suspending And Manipulating Objects In Midair With Sound Waves

This is a video from the University of Tokyo of scientists using four speakers to levitate and move objects in midair. Unfortunately, those objects are limited Styrofoam balls, water droplets, and other pieces of barely there. I want to see them levitate a human. Or implode all their internal organs trying to. Either way, it'll be worth watching. Keep going for the video, it really is worth a peek.

Firing A Supersoaker Filled With Boiling Water In -41°C Temperatures (Plus BONUS Geyser In Subzero Temps)

This is what it looks like to shoot boiling water out of a Super Soaker in -41°C (-41.8°F) temperatures. I'm sorry, but that is just too f***ing cold. Any of you live in places that get that cold? Here's what I want you to do. Look outside. What do you see? "Snow." Anything else? "My car." You get in that car and you drive. Did you hear me? Drive! "Which direction?" STRAIGHT INTO THE SUN. Hit the jump for this video and one of a natural geyser in Iceland with similar results.

Popeye The Sailor Man 'Your Hand Is His Hand' Tattoo

This a Popeye tattoo inked by Russian tattoo artist Alina Fokina in which the person's hand doubles as Popeye's hand (previously: this One Piece manga inspired one). Perfect for the person with a Popeye handjob fetish. Just make sure he's not all yoked out on spinach first or he will tear your pecker off. Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best handjobs are the ones you don't have to perform yourself.

New Parents Name Daughter Tali'Zorah After Mass Effect

In news that shouldn't surprise anybody who's realized what a wealth of baby names there are in space, new parents Adam and [his wife's name] decided to name their new daughter Tali'Zorah. Tali is probably best known for the being the alien I decided to romance in Mass Effect II after I accidentally pissed Jack off one too many times while courting. She was sensitive. "Tomorrow my daughter is scheduled to be born," wrote a soon-to-be-dad named Adam last night. "Since day 1 her first name was always going to be Tali'Zorah. ... My wife fell in love with the name during our first playthrough of [Mass Effect] many years ago." "Confused friends and relatives are told 'we wanted a nice Quarian name,'" Adam added, "just because it's funny to see the confusion become worse." You know that race of mole people that were always milling around the Citadel? "The Volus?" YES -- the Volus. I know a couple who just had a kid who should have named it after on of those little roly-poly bastards. You know what they decided to call him instead? GW. "Shouldn't you be honored?" It might be the ugliest baby I've ever seen. Thanks to EB, who's going to name a baby Garrus Liara Grunt Shepard Normandy.

TV Reporter Accidentally Unveils Bitcoin's Private Key QR Code On Air, Gets It Stolen Immediately

Because reporters generally understand very little about what they're reporting, Bloomberg TV reporter Adam Johnson recently revealed the private key QR code for $20 worth of Bitcoin during a segment about the currency, and immediately had the money stolen. I blame high definition. While on air, [Matt] Miller surprised Bloomberg anchors Adam Johnson and Trish Regan each with $20 worth of Bitcoin. But as Johnson received the paper gift, he briefly exposed the QR code...This act was effectively like sharing a bank account and PIN number. Immediately, someone lifted the QR code and stole the $20. This morning, Miller reported that he had engaged the thief -- someone who goes by "milkywaymasta" -- on Reddit. Miller, however, is done with this person. Here's Miller: "so freaking classic but also a GREAT lesson in bitcoin security! you can keep the $20 -- well earned." As long as there are no laws in place for such thefts, one could probably argue that the money was indeed "earned." I had something very similar happen to me. "You lost your wallet at a bar." Like I said, very similar. That's why I don't mess with cash anymore. I stick with good old fashioned credit cards. *flashing card* See? Visa, baby. "What are the last three numbers on the back?" Two zero five, why? Thanks to Thaylor H, who doesn't watch the news because the news is pure lies and propaganda anyways.